Special Features & Amenities


We have taken special care in designing the amenities with state of the art technology and attention to fines details, Swarnima Era has been working ingeniously working towards achieving greater excellence and trying to cater to everyday needs of customers.

Grand attractive entrance gate

A feeling of luxury when arriving at your elegant dream home

Landscaping and water bodies at the entrance gate

Landscaping & Water Bodies radiate a positive aura for visitors & home owners

Grand beautiful temple

A prayer in the morning means a day of blessing for you and your loved ones

Underground sewage/ drainage lines

An Underground sewage helps to increase quality of life and maintain hygienic conditions

Sewage treatment plant

A Sewage treatment plant to help save our resources and preserve nature for our future

Fully underground electrification - separate transformer

Underground Electrification helps to improve landscape and aids to beautification

Overhead / underground water tank - 24 hour water supply

Water forms the most basic needs in modern times and 24X7 water ensures you better living conditions

Eco friendly - water harvesting system

To help the environment by conserving water and to help save on costs for entire community

Registered society & separate society office

A co-operative society is run on the principle of ‘one man one vote‘ helps ease of operations