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To Rejuvenate Your Body & Soul.

Location Map

Location Advantages

  • 5-6 min - Brilliant public school
  • 6-8 min - Loyala school
  • 6-7 min - DAV Eng med school
  • 5-6 min - Science College (Graduation & PG college)
  • 4-5 min - Apollo Hospital (One of the renowned & Best hospital in Bilaspur / Free treatment for SECL employees)
  • 7 min - Indra Vihar Colony (SECL Hospital)
  • 9-10 min - CIMS Hospital-Medical institute & Main Gov. hospital in bsp
  • 7-8 min - Shanichari Market (All type of fresh vegetables & fruits)
  • 8-10 min - Gol Bazaar
  • 8-9 min - Sadar Bazar (Sarafa bazar )
  • 5-6 min - Vasant Vihar Chowk Market - Yash Big Bazaar
  • 5 min - Bahtarai Stadium
  • 5-6 min - Khel Parisar
  • 5-6 min - Science College Ground
  • 6-8 min - Energy Park & Smriti Van
  • 9-10 min - Company Garden
  • 9-10 min - Vivekanand Garden
  • 4 min - Restaurant Rini’s Nest
  • 5 min - Royal Sweets
  • 5 min - Red Chilly-Restaurant & Party Place
  • 8 min - Restaurant Temptation
  • 8 min - Hotel Grand Gulmohar
  • 7-8 min- Hotel Down Town
  • 5 min - Shitla Mandir
  • 8 min - Nandishwar Shiv Mandir
  • 6 min - Radha-Krishna Mandir
  • 7 min - Shani Mandir
  • 5-7 min - SBI
  • 5-7 min - ICICI
  • 5-7 min - AXIS
  • 5-7 min - BOI
  • 5-7 min - PNB
  • 5 min - SECL HQ
  • 5-7 min - Vasant Vihar Colony (SECL Colony) - Indra Vihar
  • 5-6 min - Petrol Pumps
  • 6 min - Royal Palace (Marriage Palace)
  • 10-13 min - Nehru Chowk & Major Gov Offices
  • 10-13 min- Railway Station


Grand attractive entrance gate

A feeling of luxury when arriving at your elegant dream home

Landscaping and water bodies at the entrance gate

Landscaping & Water Bodies radiate a positive aura for visitors & home owners

Grand beautiful temple

A prayer in the morning means a day of blessing for you and your loved ones

Underground sewage/ drainage lines

An Underground sewage helps to increase quality of life and maintain hygienic conditions

Sewage treatment plant

A Sewage treatment plant to help save our resources and preserve nature for our future

Fully underground electrification - separate transformer

Underground Electrification helps to improve landscape and aids to beautification

Overhead / underground water tank - 24 hour water supply

Water forms the most basic needs in modern times and 24X7 water ensures you better living conditions

Eco friendly - water harvesting system

To help the environment by conserving water and to help save on costs for entire community

Registered society & separate society office

A co-operative society is run on the principle of ‘one man one vote‘ helps ease of operations

Landscaped garden

Outdoor landscaping to improve quality of life with respect to physical & psychological benefits

Children play area

Let your little ones learn the basics of bonding, community & external activities

Lawn, fountain & flower zone

Water bodies and flowers alleviate ones feel good hormones to reduce stress and anxiety

Family sitting area

Spend quality time with your loved ones at our dedicated family sitting area at Swarnima Era

Jogging track

Dedicated Jogging track to run a mile and keep your heart healthy and energetic.

Green atmosphere - roadside plantation

Green Cover & Road side plantation ensure less dust & cooler temperatures

Swimming pool & kids pool

Swimming is the best form of full body exercise as it uses all the muscles in the body

Separate changing rooms with toilets

Separate changing rooms ensures privacy for changing clothes and better cleanliness


A Gym helps to do wonders to one’s health by strengthening your muscles for better agility.

Meditation area

Meditation helps to distress oneself and have a better outlook towards life and better health

Aerobic area

Aerobic exercises helps to reduce risk of many conditions including obesity & hear diseases

Yoga centre

Yoga the most ancient form of exercises has vast proven benefits with respect to health and soul.

Massage area

Massage helps release stress and keep body healthy and thus improving muscle functionality

Spa (Separate for men and women)

Unwind at our Spa for both men and women which is fantastic way to relax & de-stress

Party & banquet hall

Enjoy with your family and dear friends at our accurately designed party & banquet hall

Guest rooms

A Separate guest rooms for your beloved guest to patiently wait for you till you reach the venue

Kids playroom

Kids playroom ensures you little ones are at ease when you indulge yourself at the club

Kitchen and pantry

Kitchen and pantry area for special cooking experience exclusively for club Swarnima members

Dining room

A Family that eats together spends quality time together. We have taken care of it all for your convenience


Books are friends for life which helps impart knowledge and improving mental health

Office and record room

Separate club office for official discussions and separate record room to keeps your records safe

Reception & lobby

A Reception helps to get a warm feeling when entering any premises and easing the guests

Party lawn

Party at our open lawns on a birthday, anniversary, work promotion and many more.

Wi-Fi connectivity in the clubhouse

Stay connected to the internet with fully WiFi enabled club house so that you never miss on updates.

Terrace garden

Terrace garden helps distressing & have a calm feeling to fight that anxiety in our day to day lives

Indoor Game

Pool Table

Pool is a game which helps improves balancing power & and builds better focus for you and your loved ones

Table Tennis

Table Tennis also known as ping pong worldwide is the best game to improve hand eye co-ordination


This is the most widely played indoor game which improves concentration and helps in neural activity


A Family game often played by 4 people helps to relax and refresh ones mind from day to day stress


Billiards is a game which helps improves balancing power & and builds better focus for you and your loved ones

Squash Courts

A game of squash can see you running, leaping and diving for the ball increase strength and fitness

Changing room with lockers

Separate changing room with lockers to keep your valuables safe and change after your activity at club Swarnima

Outdoor Game

Cricket Net

A game of cricket helps team coordination and building endurance and stamina in a balanced manner

Badminton Court

The best game played both indoor & outdoor which helps in improving flexibility and burning those stubborn fats

Children Play Zone

Exclusive children’s play zone helps kiddos to indulge in physical as well as mental activities for their better growth

Security cabin at entrance gate-24 hours security

24X7 security ensures secured living and allows minimal mischiefs at the premises

CCTV surveillance at colony entrance gate & common area

CCTV surveillance is a must for community living and acts as a deterrent for illegal activities

Telephone connection with intercom facility for each bungalow

Telephone connection with intercom allows easy communication between the community & security center

The secured boundary wall with barbet wiring above the wall

Secured boundary wall ensures a feeling of safety and disallows animals to create havoc in the community